The International Office welcomes all students interested in one of our exchange programmes!

The exchange application is open for students who are interested in the Bachelor or Master Exchange Programme during the academic year 2020-2021.
The application will be available from October 1, 2019.
It is strongly recommended to properly prepare your application by:

  • reading our orientation website carefully (for BSc, click here & for MSc, click here)
  • subscribing yourself to the SIN-Online channel and Canvas course "RSM Bachelor Exchange" or "RSM Master Exchange" in which you will e.g. find partner school information and study reports from your predecessors;
  • registering for a language level test and/or a language course, if applicable;
  • attending our information session (dates and locations will be announced on this website and via SIN online and/or Canvas).
Exchange Application

This exchange application consists of 9 sections, listed in the left-hand menu. After filling out one section, save your information before moving on to the next section. You can complete the application in more than one visit; all your saved work will be stored in our database.
Once you have submitted your completed form, no alterations can be made anymore!

For the applicants for the MSc Exchange Programme:
It is strongly recommended to print out your application to prepare yourself for the interview.

Depending on the exchange programme you are applying for you will be asked to upload several documents such as a copy of your passport's details page, proof of your language proficiency, transcript of bachelor records if completed elsewhere.

Privacy Notice

We value your privacy, you can view our privacy notice here.

Application Deadline
For the Bachelor exchange: Wednesday December 11, 2019 before 23:59 h
For the Master exchange: Friday January 10, 2020 before 23:59 h

After the above mentioned deadlines the online application form will be closed.